OUR CLUB Since 1979

The CSI Club was created by a small group of Italian immigrant families in 1979 with the sole purpose of establishing a facility that would become a meeting place for the Italian community in the Northwest region of Sydney.

CSI stands for Centro Sociale Italiano, simply translated, a social meeting place for Italians. The core values were (and are) centred on family, celebration of Italian culture, hard work and new friends, Italian and non-Italian. Passionately proud of our heritage, patriotic and always flying their homeland flag, Italian immigrants let their country and families for a better life and were quick to embrace their new home Australia, hence eager to share their culture with the community.

Over the pursuing years, with hard work, sacrifice and determination, the founding members built the clubhouse located at 81 South Street Schofields soon followed by the football stadium, which up to recent years, was home to the CSI Scorpions Soccer Club.

​With five of the seven current CSI Club Directors direct descendants of a Foundation Member, there is a passion and willingness to continue their legacy to the Italian culture and community. The Directors remain committed to engaging with the membership base and permitting the essence of the Italian culture to the local community and hopefully bring new members to the club